9 Jewels Of Marketing from DDIP Week-2

By code2create


 I think you will really agree with me when I say it is really hard to learn and earn in a very short period of time with lot of fun. Added to this is being part of like minded community Or is it? Well, it turns out, you can dramatically speed up your learning curve while earning more than you have paid And in todays post I am going to show what those jewels of DDIP week2 are and a note on those jewels….    Do you guys wanna know what these jewels are , The first jewel is “The Law Of marketing” , the second jewel is “Building A Strong Brand” , the third jewel is “Why To Invest Time And Money In Marketing”  , the forth jewel is “The Importance Of Communication Skills In Marketing” , the fifth jewel is “Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing” , the sixth jewel is “Direct Response Marketing” , the seventh jewel is “Catt Marketing Funnel” , the eighth jewel is “Personal Branding” and the ninth and the last jewel is “The Evolution  Of Personal Brand”

The Law Of Marketing

Marketing is a game of perceptions. product is rooted in reality. never let marketing become more important than the product. a great product sells itself and a great product converts your customers into brand ambassadors. word of mouth marketing in the best channel of marketing ever and you need a great product, but marketing not just helps people discover the product , but also have a good perception about the product

Build A Strong Brand

First of all you should never be the No.1 you should always be the one . choose a category and become a leader in that category. deciding where to compete is half you success and if you cannot be a leader in a category, be a leader in a sub-category and people only remember the No.1

Why To Invest Time And Money In Marketing

Marketing education has a long shelf life because its rooted in psychology and understanding the market that is the most important in any business and marketing as a topic has existed since the dawns of civilization and marketing is the most valuable investment in a business because it gives direct return everything else like production , manufacturing etc…but marketing will give you direct returns and marketing cannot be outsourced completely to a marketing agency. The founder should be a marketer if you know how to market and sell , you have a safe career

The Importance Of Communication Skills

Good marketing is all about good communication so you need a good communication skills and Good communication doesn’t mean sophisticated English and this means it doesn’t care grammar the only thing it cares is am I able to transfer my thoughts to you effectively write like you talk so they feel like you are just transferring your thoughts to them and not writing short notes as blog what you have to do is Join a conversation in peoples mind. understand your target audience very well and one advice is think in English

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

If a product is general with a very wide targeting – TV ads can reach millions at a low cost, India has TVs in 197 million homes out of 298 million homes. With an average of 4-5 members per household, TV has a reach of 800 million to 1 billion the reach of digital marketing is nowhere close to TV based on numbers alone and Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English speaking population in India with spending power ~ 100 million users and Radio has a reach of 65% of the Indian population

Direct Response Marketing

Marketing executives in big companies run branding campaigns which do not give specific and measurable results. Increase in “brand awareness” is not measurable and Direct response is a type of marketing designed to elicit an instant response by encouraging prospects to take specific action.

The Catt Marketing Funnel

The formula for wealth is wealth = n^CATT here n is Niche: your success and wealth depends on the niche you choose In Catt C is content: create useful content that attracts people from your niche in Catt A is attention : drive attention to your content using SEO, social media, paid ads and referrals In Catt T is trust : build trust with your audience with trip wires, marketing automation and retargeting the next T in Catt funnel method is transaction : convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.

Personal Branding 


Its the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence to get a good perception from the public. So here people want to hear from people not from brand and the most important thing is to hold up your costumers with good service and you can see Elon Musk has a bigger following than SpaceX and Tesla.

The Evolution Of Personal Brand

At first you need to learn a new skill through concepts, fact and procedures. understand the concepts. remember the facts and practice the procedures and then you need put your new found skills to work. go from practice to implementation. implementing it in the real world will give you better understanding (work = job/ freelancing / own projects) and then write a blog about what you have learned and experienced through your work . when you write, you understand it better, but you will also start building your personal brand ,now that you have a personal brand through you blog, have work experience and have learned the fundamentals, start consulting other businesses instead of working for them and then you need to mentor others who want to become like you. mentoring will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level and the last step is to start your own product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market, the problem and your own skills.

In this blog we learnt what is that you should be the NO.1 that comes in the category of building a strong brand and then we learnt that its not that digital marketing is great or its not that traditional marketing is great its that you have to use them depending on which object or company or product you want to market and then we learnt about Catt marketing funnel that is the most important topic that compares the number of people whom you have marketed to the number number people who have transmitted and them we learnt about personal branding that we have to put conscious effort to create a good perception to your customers and you can see the example that now more than SpaceX or Tesla, Elon Musk is famous so that mean when your product will become you will automatically become famous than your product and then we have learnt about the evolution of personal brand

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